Buildings, power lines. cell towers. oil and gas pipelines. railways. methane detection – all of these and so many other types of industrial inspection are made easier, safer, and more efficient using drones. Large, complex structures are best inspected from the air, so it’s no surprise that inspection has been one of the first drone applications to be quickly and widely embraced world-wide.

What do you pay for?

  • High resolution, aerial drone video and photography.

  • Overall assessment of the condition of the structure.

  • Mapping/ LIDAR as required.

  • Thermal inspection to identify hot spots/ thermal loss and water ingress.

  • Full report.

  • Unlimited high resolution photos and ultra high definition video.

  • Video can be edited to your requirements and saved in your preferred format (downscaled as required)

  • For each project we deliver all photos and video, orthophotography reconstruction and mapping in your preferred format 

  • For roof inspections, an RICS Chartered Surveyor advisory report on roof condition also available. 

Roof inspections from £300 plus VAT

(T's & C's apply)

Using a drone means:

  • Full access to all areas of the structure including unsafe or inaccessible areas..

  • Easy and cost effective.

  • No Health and Safety risk to personnel.

  • No set up times.

  • Immediate results.

Drone Safety

There are strict  legal regulations in place governing the use of drones for commercial applications such as inspections in UK commercial airspace. Practically, this means that the drone pilot has to be certified and authorised by the CAA to carry out commercial work. This commercial registration is distinct from the general drone registration scheme introduced by the CAA last year. Holders of such general registrations are not allowed to undertake commercial work using drones. A1 Drone Imaging are fully CAA certified and approved and carry commercial liability insurance up GBP 5m and more when required.

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