Alan Mathias


I decided to set up A1 Drone Imaging in 2019 to combine my love of pictures and video, with my long standing interest in technology.

I love the creative opportunities drones have given us to realize new and fascinating imagery in ways that either could not have been done before, or could only be done very expensively. Also, the growing use of drones in industry and commerce to carry out labour saving and time critical work, ranging from surveys to search and rescue to delivering organs for operations shows how important drone technology is becoming in everyday life.

In my spare time I go dancing to 1930's, 40's and 50''s music with my wife and play the piano. I also have two grown up daughters and two gorgeous grandchildren, Oliver and Olivia. 

 A1 Drone Imaging is a CAA approved fully insured UK based organisation, providing innovative drone solutions for a variety of applications: 

  • Product launches, advertising, websites and promotion

  • Estate agency

  • Commercial property

  • Events and sports

  • Tourism, travel and hotels 

  • Interiors

  • 360° Virtual Reality Aerial Panoramas

  • Night photography and video

  • Building inspection's/ power and utility inspections

  • Topographical surveys

  • 2D and 3D mapping

  • Crop analysis

  • Heat loss/ fires

  • Security

  • Anti poaching

 ​We use small, super quiet, lightweight drones so your work colleagues and the general public will hardly notice the drone’s presence, letting them concentrate on their work. For critical work, the drone is stable in winds up to 30 mph, with good positional accuracy, and is capable of delivering pin sharp pictures and video using its on board Sony camera. A feature we love is the ability to rotate the  drone camera right through 180 degrees. This allows us easy access to difficult eg under bridge inspection situations, and also gives us great creative freedom for shot design for weddings,concerts and event videos.

Our philosophy when dealing with new inquiries is not to treat people as just another potential sale, but as a potential long term business partner.  Framing the relationship in this way allows both parties to develop a solid working relationship based on mutual trust and respect,  allowing us to develop a business strategy that focuses on the ethical, social, environmental, cultural, and economic dimensions of doing business. ... Short-termism is the bane of sustainability. Over time, we would work to justify your confidence in making us your aerial consultant. 

07899 998148


Registered office:

Warden House, 37 Manor Road


Essex CO3 3LX

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